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How Silly - Revising and Reducing Grandma's Wisdom

I found this cookbook at a thrift shop for a dollar and could hardly wait to look through it. When I got home, anticipating the info therein (so much wisdom of the ancients in one book), I opened up the chapter on eggs and cheese (after all, we do have 14 chickens that are inundating us with eggs). (Continued with next photo.)

So, like I said, I opened up to the chapter on eggs and cheese. I was looking for a breakfast recipe. I read the intro to the chapter (to read the intro below, click on the picture). Wow! Grandma was a great gal. She could whip up anything to please anyone - the hungry farm hands coming in for breakfast or the little crumb-snatchers tugging at her apron or the picnickers at the church outing or the women from the Ladies Aid Society invited by Grandma to a fancy lunch. Yep, Grandma could please them all simply using eggs and cheese. How fun, I thought! So I perused the pages and landed... on this page that had several recipes and this tidbit of...WHAT???

Crock Pot Peppered Beef Stew

By far, this is the best "beef stew' I have ever had the delight of savoring. And it is so very nourishing! With each bite you will find yourself involuntarily, yet vocally approving with "yums" and "ahs", etc.

A few days before I made this stew, I cooked a large pot of beef bone stock (4 cups of which went into this stew). After straining out the liquid goodness into freezer containers, I put the containers in the refrigerator overnight so that the fat would rise to the top and congeal, which I could then remove to use for cooking later on.

Interesting thing about good stock - it is full of gelatin which is one of the most densely nutritious things on the planet. This gelatin is what makes Jello gel (now that does not mean that I am endorsing Jello as a good food to eat. Unfortunately, it is bombarded with highly processed and chemical ingredients that are not at all good for the human body).

Anyway, when I went to get a container of beef stock from the …