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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I've Been Waiting For - The Household Menu and Coupon Organizer

The Household Menu and Coupon Organizer is a new book by Revell (a division of Baker Pubishing Group) that just hit the book seller's shelves.

"So...", you may ask, "...why are you so excited about this book? Why have you been waiting for it?"

Well, besides the fact that is it a great little tool for meal planning and grocery shopping, I was privileged to be one of the 12 contributing authors involved in writing this book. My complimentary copy from Revell came in the mail today. How fun to tear open the package and peruse through this helpful little guide.

The book is broken up into 12 months and each month includes an article and helps for menu planning and grocery lists that pertain to that month of the year. Here's how The Household Menu and Coupon Organizer works as stated in the forward (welcome) of the book:
Each month includes an article on a shopping or meal-planning topic. These are written by folks who've "been there". Their information and helpful website addresses are in the back of this book for you to peruse for more advice and information at your leisure.
Each month also has a pocket where you can save coupons and recipes you've clipped out of magazines to try "someday". This is followed by a meal-planning chart for the main meal of your day (probably dinner), so there is no more standing in front of the pantry at 5:30 p.m. trying to figure out what to prepare. We also have included a place to plan the food for any special celebrations during the month.
Of course, then you need to go shopping. We've provided for that as well. Four pages for each month include grocery lists with helpful category divisions - four grocery lists for shopping once each week. When you realize you're running low on something, jot it down in the book. As you  plan your meals for the month, jot down the ingredients you need to purchase. 
You'll have your coupons, menus, shopping lists and recipes all in one place.

That's what I like about the book besides the thrill of being one of the authors, which I count as a blessing from the Lord!

If you're interested in purchasing The Household Menu and Coupon Organizer, Amazon has a pretty good price here.

Happy meal planning!



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