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Rising Above Food Wars

Just yesterday one of my readers emailed me to ask how to avoid alienating people who chose not to eat a diet of whole foods as she does. Here, in part, is her letter to me:
I wanted to know your thoughts about having a lifestyle where you care about what you eat and what you avoid based on wisdom and research.

I've been trying to refrain from telling people what I learned from my research about nutrition, but sometimes the topic comes up amongst my peers. Sometimes I get the impression from others that that they think I'm crazy or that my hope is not fully in the Lord. I get offended by this.

I think it's a liberty to have a lifestyle like the one I have based on good nutrition principles. But even for me to mention anything about sprouted grains or pasteurization, people get sensitive and easily offended. But I understand when they get sensitive because I get sensitive.

I don't want something like this to ruin my relationships with other believers, but at times I ge…