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Lacto-Fermentation - It's Benefits and A Tutorial

This is a post I did for Keeper of the Home last week. Thought I should also share it here at Franziska's Pantry.
The original cabbage patch kid... For as long as I can remember, I've loved sauerkraut. As a small child, my mom served it on a regular basis with roast pork and mashed potatoes. I would scoop out a hole in my mashed potatoes, fill it in with sauerkraut and then dish on some gravy. Oh, what heaven for my taste buds! Enter Grandmother's methodYears later my mom started making her own sauerkraut. She told me how healthful it was and that it was the method that her German mother and grandmother and the generations beyond had always used to make sauerkraut. Demonstrating, Mom started by shredding numerous heads of cabbage, sprinkling salt onto each new layer of cabbage as it was packed into her three-gallon crock. She then placed a plate on top of the cabbage weighted down with a plate-sized rock and let it set. Occasionally she removed what she called "scum&qu…

Christ in My Kitchen

Today I offer a blessing for the kitchen. I found this poem on an old wall hanging at a thrift store. (Oh...the joys of thrifting!) I did edit it a little and added the last few verses. There was no name on the picture to identify its author.

But the poem reminds me why God has ordained the wonderful sphere of the home as the wife's occupation in life. What better place could we be? It is a heavenly and high calling. In the home, specifically the kitchen, godly women do the very work that God Himself does. We feed others. God feeds His people and has from the very beginning. This is divine activity!

In the garden, God fed the man and woman He created; in fact, He created their food even before Adam and Eve were created. The LORD fed the children of Israel manna in the dessert. God kept the widow's jug of oil and jar of flour replenished for herself, her son and Elijah the prophet (1 Kings 17) during a time of famine.

During Jesus' earthly ministry He fed the multitudes (…