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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Shopping Guide for Produce

This brand (and hundreds of others also) of apples
was available prior to the use of pesticides and chemical
fertilizers, when food was still real and non-toxic. 

The Big Question

When I am teaching about traditional nutrition, many times the question comes up, "Must all the produce I purchase be organic?" I answer "No", and begin to talk about what non-organic produce is safe to eat.

Well, here is Dr. Andrew Weil doing the explaining for me (but continue to read my comments below after you watch the video):

A Few Comments

1. Produce that is thick-skinned, such as melons, any citrus fruit, bananas, etc. is safe to buy non-organic. The thick skin prevents whatever pesticides that may be used from penetrating into the fruit itself.

2. Though the shopper's guide lists onions and sweet potatoes as safe to buy in non-organic form, I never do. The reason? Even though there are no pesticides used on the onion or potato itself, after they are harvested, they are treated with a toxic chemical that prevents them from sprouting as quickly as their organic counterparts (they will eventually sprout).

The Shopping Guide
To access the down-loadable and printable shopping guide click here.

Happy Shopping!!!


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