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A Shopping Guide for Produce

The Big Question

When I am teaching about traditional nutrition, many times the question comes up, "Must all the produce I purchase be organic?" I answer "No", and begin to talk about what non-organic produce is safe to eat. I also hand out a "Shopper's Guide" that lists what to buy organic and what is safe to buy non-organic.

And the video below is by Consumer Reports explaining the answer to this question for me (but please continue to read my comments below after you watch the video as I do not completely agree with one suggestion CR offers.):

A Few Comments
1. The Consumer Reports video suggests that when you cannot buy organic peaches, the next best option is to buy canned peaches. I do not agree. Canned peaches contain a boatload of sugar and they are very devitalized - no nutrients left because of the extreme heat that they are subjected to during the canning process. Instead of non-organic fresh or canned peaches, choose to buy a different and…

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