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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whipped Cream in a Snap - Yum!

It's So Good!
A dear friend of mine asked me to post my recipe for whipped cream on the blog. You know, that heavenly white cloud of yum that you put on strawberry short cake or pumpkin pie or ice cream sundaes, etc. (Oh, I'm starting to salivate as I type.) So many people do not even know that you can make it homemade. It is the real thing as opposed to the imitation stuff in the can that has so much junk in it, or worse yet that horrible stuff called "Cool Whip" that is full of trans-fats and other garbage that is hazardous to your health.

It's So Good for You!
Besides, nothing tastes as good as real whipped cream and once you've had it there will be no going back. Real cream is one of the good fats - densely nutritious and satisfying to eat. Good fats carry you from meal to meal without your feeling hungry in between and provide high energy for your body. They are like thick oak logs on a fire that burn very hot for a very long period of time. Good fats are also the building blocks to so many essential bio-chemicals that your body makes - hormones and neurotransmitters, like serotonin. Good fat does not make you fat. That is such a fallacy! Well, not exactly, because bad man-made fats will make you fat, but not good fats such as butterfat (which is either cream or butter).

It's So Easy!
Making whipped cream at home is a easy! It takes longer to lift the fake stuff off the shelf and pay for it (out of pocket and your hide) than it does to make the real thing.

What to Buy 
First of all, you need to acquire some heavy whipping cream from the grocery store. I get organic heavy whipping cream at Trader Joe's for a little over $3 per pint. It also comes in half pints. You will find heavy whipping cream in the dairy section with the milk. Look for it in little cartons like you used to drink your milk from in school. It is a thick liquid.

It's Lactose-Free!
There's more good news about real heavy whipping cream. It contains no lactose so do not be afraid to use it if you are lactose intolerant.

Beware of Whipped Cream with the rBST Hormone and Ultra-Pasteurized Whipped Cream
If you do not get organic whipping cream, at least try to get some that is not from cows that have been given that horrible growth hormone known as rBST or rBGH. It should say on the carton. Somewhere on the front there will be a little blurb like - "Not from cows given rBST". You really want to avoid any dairy products that are from cows that have been on those growth hormones. And another type of whipping cream to avoid is that which has been "ultra-pasteurized". This is done to create a very, very long shelf life for the product - like it could survive just fine unrefrigerated for 6 months or longer because there is nothing living in it. It is a completely dead food - no nutrients of any kind. Besides that, it is almost impossible to make into whipped cream.

Let's Get to Work!
So once you have your heavy whipping cream, take it from the refrigerator (it is important that it is very cold) and empty the pint carton into a metal mixing bowl. You will be using either an electric mixer or a hand-held egg beater (not a whisk, but rather the tool that has beaters that are turned with a handle).

Once your cream is in the bowl, add:

a pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
4 tablespoons of organic maple syrup (not fake pancake syrup but real maple syrup) or
          2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup and 2 teaspoons of stevia herbal sweetener

Turn the mixer on to to low speed and gradually increase as cream begins to fluff up. (It is important to start on low speed if you do not wish to be showered with heavy whipping cream - you and your entire kitchen.) Continue whipping till the cream starts to get thick and lofty, like the whipped cream you are familiar with. You are looking for a soft peak that should bend over slightly when you remove the beater. Or if you will use the whipped cream to frost a cake, beat it just a little longer until it is a bit stiffer.

Be careful! It doesn't take long and if you let it go past the whipped cream stage, it will turn to butter. (Yes, I said butter. You can make butter from heavy whipping cream as well.) It is better to stop the mixer if you're not sure to check the progress and then turn it back on if the cream is not stiff enough. It only takes 30-60 seconds to make whipped cream - at least that is my experience with a Kitchen Aid mixer. Other mixers may take longer and a hand-held egg beater will definitely take a little longer - 1 or 2 minutes. One cup of heavy cream should yield about 2 cups of whipped cream. (There are 2 cups of heavy cream in a pint; one cup of heavy cream in a half-pint.)

Now, with your finger, scoop up as large an amount as you can, pop that into your mouth before anyone sees and be transported into YUM-LAND in an instant! All your kids will be begging to lick the bowl from now on when you whip up this treat. And to top it off, you will soon be known by your friends and family as a woman who can work luscious culinary wonders with a little carton of something called "whipping cream".

Anyway, if you try making and eating whipped cream like this, come back to Franziska's and leave a comment about the results. You should be delighted!

An Instructional Video to Boot!
If you need further instruction, here is a video of how to make whipped cream. The ingredients are different, mainly, sugar is used instead of maple syrup. If you want to use a healthy sweetener, use the maple syrup as instructed above. And if you want better tasting whipped cream make sure to use the pinch of salt and the vanilla extract (also in above ingredients). You will not be disappointed.



  1. Thank you for the recipe, I can hardly wait for an occasion to make it. I signed up for the alert whenever new recipes are posted. I got really off-track with my eating this past year. On New Years day I was extremely ill. I was really weak and could not keep food in my stomach. We had eaten really late the night before and alot. I think that my body had just had enough of all the rich and sweet foods over the entire Holiday season and said NO MORE! It's amazing how easily one can slip back into old (bad) habits :)


  2. Can you use raw cream, from raw cow's milk to make this? Or do you have to buy whipping cream from the store?


  3. Has anyone found an organic whipping cream that does not have carrageenan (a plastic - stabilizer) in it?

  4. The cream pictured in the post from Trader Joe's has nothing but organic pasteurized grade A heavy cream. So, yes, it's out there. I'm surprised that anything organic would contain carrageenan.


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