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Whipped Cream in a Snap - Yum!

It's So Good!
A dear friend of mine asked me to post my recipe for whipped cream on the blog. You know, that heavenly white cloud of yum that you put on strawberry short cake or pumpkin pie or ice cream sundaes, etc. (Oh, I'm starting to salivate as I type.) So many people do not even know that you can make it homemade. It is the real thing as opposed to the imitation stuff in the can that has so much junk in it, or worse yet that horrible stuff called "Cool Whip" that is full of trans-fats and other garbage that is hazardous to your health.

It's So Good for You! Besides, nothing tastes as good as real whipped cream and once you've had it there will be no going back. Real cream is one of the good fats - densely nutritious and satisfying to eat. Good fats carry you from meal to meal without your feeling hungry in between and provide high energy for your body. They are like thick oak logs on a fire that burn very hot for a very long period of time. Good fats ar…