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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beautiful Breakfast!

Baked Oat Breakfast Pudding
Mondays posts have been, when I have managed, my weekly menu plans for the evening meal. I have never posted breakfasts or lunches, though I prepare each of those on a daily basis. I do not plan breakfast menus specifically. Rather, I find that we eat the same things on a weekly basis and within those regular servings, there is room for variety.

Over the next few days I will give recipes and explain my breakfast plan. Today's breakfast topic will be Baked Oat Breakfast Pudding.

First, however, is a list of what I prepare throughout the week for breakfasts:

1. Baked Oat Breakfast Pudding
2. An omelet or frittata (or occasionally a quiche) of some kind with bacon or sausage
3. A smoothie of some kind
4. Yogurt with fruit, coconut, nuts and pure organic maple syrup (this is the only fixed menu item - always on Sundays)
5. Waffles, French toast or pancakes with bacon or sausage
6. Breakfast Flan and bacon or sausage
7. Bacon (or sausage) with eggs and sometimes country potatoes

Baked Oat Breakfast Pudding: This is so delicious - such a treat. I'll never go back to plain oatmeal in a bowl. I especially like it because it contains eggs, which are the best breakfast food there is. Once a month I make baked oatmeal. The recipe makes a lot. We eat it hot with cream and a little pure organic maple syrup. Then when it is cool, I cut what is left over (about 10 more servings) into serving-size squares and package the squares in sandwich zipper bags. These individual bags I put into a one gallon-size zipper bag and freeze. So my Baked Oatmeal cooking is done for the month. In a week when it is time to have Baked Oatmeal again, I take out 2 servings from the freezer and heat it (no need to thaw) in a steamer - takes about 15 minutes to get hot. (Get the recipe by clicking above on Baked Oatmeal Breakfast Pudding.)
Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will continue with the second breakfast option - Omelets, Frittatas and Quiches.


1 comment:

  1. Dear Sharon,
    I am glad to tell you that I made this receipe last week! Frankie and I just love it! It's so filling. We eat it with fruit and milk and it's out of this world! You're so right, I don't get hungry until 1pm and have lots of energy. Next time, when I remember to add the eggs, I'm sure it will be even better;) Don't laugh, I soaked it 12 hours and put it together at 3:30 am so Frankie could have some before work!


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